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A virtual fence actively alerts animals before crossing the road as cars approach, reducing Roadkill.



The Virtual Fencing device is activated by approaching headlights, which causes it to emit a combination of sound and flashing light stimuli that alert animals and in turn reduces the startling effect. This alert system of audible alert and blue and yellow strobe-type LED lights are an innovative concept based on proven technologies.

The devices are placed at 25-metre intervals on alternating sides of the road. They are triggered in sequence by the vehicle headlight as a car approaches along the road, forming a virtual fence.

The Virtual Fencing system offers following benefits:


  • Proven reduction of accidents, injuries and fatalities


  • Outstanding cost-performance ratio


  • Low maintenance costs


  • High reliability and ruggedness


  • No obstruction of gene pool flow


  • No known habituation effect.​

Car going down the road with sensors going off when car reaches them

Device Information

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